Co-branded collections

Costa not only makes the best
sunglasses in the world, they are
also committed to doing their
part to leave a better future
for our grandchildren.

The Costa + OCEARCH Collection
features unique designs inspired
by the ocean’s top predators
and premium lenses for all day
protection from harsh rays.

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Cisco Brewers was founded on
Nantucket Island and is rooted in ocean culture. We are honored to be partnered with a company that
cares so deeply about protecting
the ocean and its species.

Shark Tracker Lager is an easy sipping yet flavor-packed beer that goes down easy after long days on the water.

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Brooke is a longtime supporter of OCEARCH and makes beautiful
sterling silver jewelry inspired by her love of sharks and the ocean.

Each piece is handmade, and thus one of a kind. We’re honored to have Brooke as a partner.

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Life and work aboard the M/V OCEARCH can be rough on the body. We needed a better way to sanitize hands and treat the inevitable cuts, scrapes and abrasions that
come with the job.

OCEARCH is proud to partner with BAC-D to co-brand an innovative new line of broad- spectrum
antibacterial spray.

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